Roof Lifecycle Cost Comparison

When life cycle costs - the initial cost, maintenance, thermal loss - are factored into the overall value of a roof, metal standing seam roofs are proven to be the most economical investment. The metal standing seam roof can last on average twice as long as a conventional roof.

AMS Metal roofing systems offer many benefits including a lower cost of ownership over the cost of a conventional roofing system.  AMS consistently evaluates the energy reduction and life cycle of their metal roofing systems in order to provide the best metal roofing systems in the industry.

The costs associated with a roofing system are not limited to installation and material costs.  Life cycle costs are determined by comparing energy cost reductions, cost of maintenance and the life expectancy of the roof.  Most studies have shown that a metal roofing system will have a life expectancy of 40 – 50 years, long outlasting a conventional roofing systems average of 10 – 15 years. 

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